About Us

School of Material Science and Engineering (SMSE) is one of the traditional advantage disciplines in Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST)whose history can be traced back to 1958 when the major of Casting Technology and Equipment was set up in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. SMSE is formally founded in 2009 by merging several material related programs in other schools and departments of KUST. SMSE is one of the units of first-level disciplines authorized to grant doctorate’s degrees and has one postdoctoral exchange center.


There are currently more than 130 faculty and staff in SMSE, which includes 38 full professors, 28 associate professors and 20 doctorate supervisors. The number of the post-doctors and visiting scholars in the school is about 10. More than 30 faculty members have obtained the doctor degree and more than 50% of faculty has the experience of oversea study and research. At present, there are about 1600 full-time students in the school, which include 1200 undergraduates, 370 master graduates and 90 Ph.D graduates.


SMSE has constructed a well-developed teaching and research framework. Now the school has set up 5 departments, such as Department of Material Physics and Chemistry, Department of Material Science, Department of Material Processing Engineering, Department of Gem Materials and Technology and Experimental Center. Meanwhile, there are several cutting-edge research laboratories and centers relying on the SMSE, including Key Laboratory of Nonferrous and Precious Advanced Materials sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China, Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of New Materials Processing and Preparation, Yunnan Provincial Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Research Center, National Engineering Center of Advanced Steel Technology and National Engineering Technology and Research Center of Waste Utilization. SMSE now occupies over 11000 square meter of lab space and owns over 100 million fixed assets.


In recent three years, SMSE has finished more than 100 projects ranging from pure scientific research to engineering applied study, and won 6 prizes in Awards of Science & Technology Progress at provincial and ministerial level. Up to now, there are over 400 academic papers published and 30 patents obtained in sum. Currently, SMSE is undertaking many key and significant projects and the total research budgets is over 30 million RMB. The main research areas in SMSE includes: nonferrous and precious advanced materials preparation, photoelectronic materials and devices, advanced steel materials, micro & nano-structured material and technology, computational material science, composite materials and surfacing engineering.





1958: Set up of Casting and Equipment program in Kunming Institute of Engineering.


1962: Set up of Department of Metallurgy in Kunming Institute of Engineering.


1973: Set up of Department of Steel in Kunming Institute of Engineering.


1974: Yunnan Institute of Engineering was founded and the program of Casting and Thermal Processing was set up.


1994: Yunnan Institute of Engineering was renames as Yunnan University of Industry.


1995: Kunming institute of Engineering was renamed as Kunming University of Science and Technology.


1997: School of Mathematical Material and the Department of Material were founded in Yunnan University of Industry.


1999: Kunming University of Science and Technology merged the Yunnan University of Industry. Meanwhile, the School of Material and Metallurgy Engineering was founded.


2002: Set up of Department of Gem Materials and Technology.


2003: Set up of Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of New Materials Processing and Preparation.


2009: Reform and set up of the School of Material Science and Engineering (SMSE).